Scenic World Blue Mountain (Unlimited Discovery Pass (3 rides)) Admission

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Scenic World Blue Mountain (Unlimited Discovery Pass (3 rides)) Admission


Scenic World Blue Mountains is a private and family attraction located in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia, about 100 kilometers west of Sydney. Scenic World is home to four attractions, Scenic Railway, Scenic Skyway, Scenic Cableway, and Scenic Walkway, a 2.4 km elevated lane through ancient rainforest. On-site facilities also include free parking throughout the day.

  • Scenic Railway
    The Scenic Railway is a sloping train line that is now used for tourism. The steepest part of the track is at a slope of 52 degrees contained in a total distance of 310 meters (1,020 feet). Originally built for coal and oil shale mining operations in Jamison Valley in the 1880s, to transport coal and shale from the valley floor to the steep slopes above. From 1928 to 1945, this ship carried coal for a week and passengers on weekends. The coal mine was closed in 1945 after that it remained as a tourist attraction. The Scenic Railway was temporarily closed on January 13, 2013 (although the Skyway, Cableway and Walkway remained open) due to construction to increase the tracks and trains starting. Work was completed and the train reopened in April 2013. Scenic Railway made many claims to be the steepest passenger train, the steepest cable driven, and the steepest slope in the world. But the train uses a winch system and there is no balancing carriage, therefore it is not a Tram cable train but an Incline Lift. The steepest subway is the Stoosbahn in Switzerland.
  • Scenic Skyway
    Built in 1958, the Scenic Skyway is another cable-based conveyance at Scenic World. He walked across the canyon above Katoomba Falls, 270 meters (886 feet) above the valley floor. The original Skyway Scenic was withdrawn on April 4, 2004 after crossing 587,401 and now sits in the picnic area at Scenic World. It was replaced by a new cabin in December of the same year. The new Skyway is built by Doppelmayr and CWA Constructions, and is equipped with 72 people cabins with liquid crystal glass parts that change the part of the floor that is lifted transparently when the trip takes place. In November 2005, the second station on the opposite face of the cliff was opened, allowing the Skyway passengers to descend and follow the bushwalk to the nearest Echo Point. In November 2017 the latest Scenic Skyway cabin is launched. The Skyway cabin is now 30% larger, offering visitors more extensive trips with easier dormitories and free wifi.
  • Scenic Cableway
    In 2000 Scenic World installed Sceniscender, now called Scenic Cableway, an 84-passenger cable car from Doppelmayr that passed a 25-meter (82-foot) tower on the edge of a cliff, and then 510 meters (1,673 feet) to the Botton Station in the Jamison Valley 200 m (656 feet) below.


Scenic World is open every day including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Open hours are 9am – 5pm, with last rides at 4.50pm.

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Child : AUD 24.00

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  • Location : Scenic World Blue Mountains Australia, Cliff Drive, Katoomba NSW, Australia
  • Category : Attraction Ticket

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