Sovereign Hill (inc Gold Museum) Admission

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Sovereign Hill (inc Gold Museum) Admission


Sovereign Hill raised Gold Rushes Australia in 1850. Crowned as Australia's best 'Major Tourist Attraction', most recently in 2016 and 2015, Sovereign Hill provided a unique Australian experience and full day entertainment. On Sovereign Hill, you can see spectacular $ 100,000 gold pouring, a fully guided underground gold mine tour or ride a horse carriage and tour the city. Go shopping with style in the 1850s and visit hotels, schools and theaters with gold field entertainers. Look at steam-driven machines and talk to workers, candle makers and confectionery when they trade. On our streets and theaters, you will be entertained by costumed gold field characters who happily pose to take good photos. The name Soverign Hill comes from the name of the non-profit organization based on cultural tourism and history and was formed by The Soverreign Hill Museums Association. Hundreds of years ago, before Europeans occupied this area, the people of Wadawurrung of the Kulin Nation had occupied Soverign Hill in what is now known as "Soverign Hill"

To commemorate the greatness of a history where the state of Victoria has a very rich gold mine. Sovereigns were made an icon telling stories about the city of Ballarat, in the first state of Victoria with the discovery of gold in 1851 and the history of the population, the greatness of Australian gold mining and the legacy of Australian cultural heritage.

At Sovereign Hill, the story of an important time and place in the History of Australia, and the people who lived it, continues to live. As an internationally recognized tourist attraction, Sovereign Hill is proud of its attention to detail found in every aspect of this vibrant outdoor museum. Sovereign Hill is a glimpse of the excitement and excitement of living in Australia's gold fields in the 1850s. Visitors can find real gold in a river pot - gold is provided and this is a 'search guard', seeing $ 150,000 of liquid gold poured into a glittering bar, and taking a rich program of activities, shows and demonstrations. On Main Street there are work shops, hotels and theaters - all based on the original Ballarat business. Visitors can watch gold traders in action and drive around the city with horse-drawn coaches. For the brave, underground trips on the gold mine tour.

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  • Location : Sovereign Hill, Golden Point VIC, Australia
  • Category : Attraction Ticket

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