We urge you to read the following terms and conditions carefully. You must not make any booking with Dream Tours and Incentives Management Pty Ltd unless you understand and agree with the following terms and conditions. With reference to “us”, “we” and/or “our” in these booking terms and conditions shall mean Dream Tours and Incentives Management Pty Ltd. These terms and conditions apply to any bookings you make with any of our consultants (in office, over phone or by email) as well as online bookings you make on our website.

We will depend on the authority of the person making the booking to act on behalf of any other traveller on the booking and that person will bind all such travellers to these terms and conditions.

Details of important consumer booking conditions and operator’s responsibilities applicable to travel arrangements included in our web site or our website or brochures are set out below. Tours and itineraries described in this our website or brochure may have changed since it was published. Also changes in fares, prices and other changes in exchange rates may affect the price of particular tours and services. Make sure you carefully read and understand the booking terms and conditions and ask your travel agent/Dream Tours and Incentives Management Pty Ltd to check whether changes have occurred in the tour/services you want before you book, after booking and when paying the balance.

1. Travel Agency Operation:

We act as an agent for, and sell to you various travel related products as agent on behalf of, travel service providers (third party companies), such as accommodation providers, coach, other land & air transportations, rail and cruise line operators, as well as all of our wholesalers/distributors. Any services we provide to you are collateral to that agency relationship. Our obligation to you is to (as authorised by you) make travel bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and travel service providers. We exercise care in the selection of reputable service providers, but we are not ourselves a provider of travel services and have no control over, or liability for, the services provided by third parties. All bookings are made on your behalf subject to the terms and conditions, including conditions of carriage and limitations of liability, imposed by these service providers. We can provide you with copies of the relevant service provider terms and conditions on request. Your legal rights in connection with the provision of travel services are against the specific provider and, except to the extent a problem is caused by fault on our part, are not against us. Specifically, if for any reason (excluding fault on our part) any travel service provider is unable to provide the services for which you have contracted, your rights are against that provider and not against us. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any acts or omissions of third parties in delivering these services to you. We shall not be or become liable to the maximum extent permitted by law for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages to property, lost profits or savings, loss of opportunity or damage of disappointment resulting from the foregoing cases of failure, acts or omissions of third party companies. Complaints and comments can be directed to the Operator and will be forwarded to the respective third party on your behalf. You may also direct all form of feedback directly to the third party. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the products and services that you have purchased are within the local laws and regulations of your country of domicile. The Operator will not be held liable for any (not limited to) changes, cancellations and postponements thereafter.

2. Liability:

To the extent permitted by law, neither Dream Tours and Incentives Management nor any of its related bodies corporate, directors, employees or agents accept any liability in contract, wrongful act or otherwise for any injury, damage, loss (including consequential loss), delay, detention, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by the acts, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of third party providers over whom we have no direct control, force majeure or any other event which is beyond our control or which is not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part. Our liability will also be limited to the extent that any relevant international conventions, such as the Athens Convention concerning travel by sea, the Berne Convention concerning travel by rail, the Montreal Convention concerning travel by air, and the Paris Convention concerning the provision of accommodation, limit the amount of compensation which can be claimed for death, injury, or delay to passengers and loss, damage and delay to luggage. Under circumstances where our liability cannot be excluded and where liability may be lawfully limited, such liability is limited to the remedies required of us under applicable law (including the Australian Consumer Law). This liability clause is subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law and nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to limit any rights you may have under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). All legal proceedings arising between the passenger and us are subject to the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia.

3. Accommodations:

Twin share accommodation is based on share twin or double bedded room as allocated by the supplier. It is normal practice to supply triple accommodation on the basis of a twin or double room plus one rollaway bed. Single room accommodation must be reserved by people travelling alone and is subject to the payment of the applicable single supplement. If during peak holiday periods we are unable to confirm the hotel specified you will be assigned a hotel of similar or superior standard.

4. Surcharge and Levies:

The prices quoted by Dream Tours and Incentives Management Pty Ltd are subject to change without notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as fluctuation in exchange rates, increases in land, fuel, cruise, taxes, surcharges, levies and airfare costs. Itineraries are subject to alteration if supplier schedules are amended or other conditions require it.

5. Use of Images and Descriptions:

Whilst Dream Tours and Incentives Management Pty Ltd make every effort to ensure accuracy in hotel/ship/plane information, descriptions and images, we are reliant on the hotels, airlines and cruise company to give us accurate details. Since hotels are constantly changing facilities and services, we cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions herein. If any feature is of critical importance to your holiday, it is the passengers responsibility to ask Dream Tours and Incentives Management Pty Ltd to check whether such features will be available at the time of occupancy at the given hotel or ship or coach.
We use images from our past groups tours and any other sources which are copyright free. There may be some images of people faces featured on our website which we have had the expressed permission from those people verbally or in writing for the purpose of promoting our tours.

6. Payment:

You will be required to make payment using the following methods:
1. by credit card - online using PayPal as our merchant partner in the members area/dashboard.
2. by cash transfer - once you have the payment slip/proof you may upload it in the members area/dashboard or scan email us.
If you are not sure you may contact us directly to arrange alternative ways to pay as per below contact details (24 hours):
Mobile/Whatsapp: +62 813 5461 9888 (Indonesia) or +61 414 481 388 (Australia)
Telephone: +62 21 2287 0474 (Indonesia) or +61 3 9931 0350 (Australia)

7. Change and Cancellation:

Any cancelation must be submitted formally in writing. Cancelled bookings may also incur supplier fees, which can be up to 100% of the cost of the booking, regardless of whether travel has commenced. Supplier fees may also apply where a booking is changed and when tickets or documents are re-issued. Where we incur any liability for a supplier cancellation fee for any booking which you change or cancel, you agree to indemnify us for the amount of that fee. Where you seek a refund for a cancelled booking for which payment has been made to the supplier, we will not provide a refund to you until we receive the funds from that supplier.

8. Passports & Visas:

All travellers must have a valid passport for international travel and many countries require at least 6 months validity from the date of return and some countries require a machine-readable passport. When assisting with an international travel booking, we will assume that all travellers on the booking have a valid passport and valid visa. If this is not the case, you must let us know. It is important that you ensure that you have valid passports, visas and re-entry permits which meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities. Any fines, penalties, payments or expenditures incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be your sole responsibility (except to the extent caused by fault on our part). If you need information regarding visas, passports and other travel document requirements for your trip, please let us know or, for online bookings, contact us on +61 3 9931 0350. We can provide you with general information on visa and passport requirements that apply to international travel bookings you make with us. Our consultants can also obtain more specific information from an external visa advisory service provider on your behalf (if you wish, we can assist you to obtain visas through this external service and fees will apply). We do not warrant the accuracy of information provided by any external service and accept no liability for any loss or damage which you may suffer in reliance on it (except to the extent caused by fault on our part).
We suggest that you check with the Department of Health for up-to-date information regarding vaccinations & inoculations. Women who are more than twenty-four (24) weeks pregnant shall be prohibited from travelling on most airlines or cruise. The passenger hereby releases Dream Tours and Incentives Management Pty Ltd and it’s third party service providers from all liability for any injury or damages connected with the travel which is proximately caused by a pre-existing illness or disability.

9. Pre-Departure Contact:

It is essential that you advise Dream Tours and Incentives Management Pty Ltd of a telephone number, or address, where you can be reached within 24 hours prior to your departure.

10. Baggage Allowance:

A reasonable amount of luggage per person is 1 large checked in luggage and 1 small carry-on cabin luggage. International airline regulations provide for a free baggage allowance of 20-30kg per person (on economy class). Any additional charges for baggage in excess of the allowance will be at the passenger’s expense.

11. Travel Insurance:

We strongly recommend that, at the time of booking you purchase a Travel Insurance policy of your choice. We suggest that the policy should include, but not be limited to the following features:
Loss of deposit through cancellation.
Personal baggage and loss of money.
Medical expenses.
Additional expenses to cover accommodation, transport, staff assistance, etc and repatriation to Australia should your holiday be extended or curtailed due to illness while overseas, or due to the need to return to Australia because of unexpected death or illness of a close relative. This feature should cover cancellation of travel services due to cause by our third party travel service providers and/or industrial action for whatever reason as explained in the above Liability section.

12. Maps and Trip Duration:

Route maps and photographic illustrations are for general purposes only and are not intended to indicate exact route, facility, service or hotel, which may vary. Travelling times are approximations only and may vary depending on schedules, actual routings and types of transport.
Seat In Coach Package Tours and Transfers Terms & Conditions:

  1. Prices:
    1. Prices stated are from amount.
    2. Prices are subject to dates of travel and may change.
    3. Prices are in Australian dollars, include GST (Goods and Services Tax).
    4. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  2. Children Policy:
    1. Children aged 3 years and up to 11 years.
    2. Adult fares apply to persons 12 years and over.
    3. Children 2 years and under are free if not occupying a seat (ie, must sit in parent's/carer's lap at own risk). If a seat is required, child fare applies.
  3. Pick Up Locations:
    1. Please wait at the specified meeting point 10 minutes prior to pick up time.
    2. Pick up times may vary depending on traffic.
    3. No hotel drop-offs after half day city tours, you will be dropped at a central location in the city centre (one location drop off point only).
    4. If your pick up location is not on the list please contact us latest by 48 hours prior to arrange a special pick up for you.
  4. Itineraries, prices and days of operation are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. A fuel levy may apply when world oil prices exceed the allowance in the fare.
  5. Federal law requires all passengers to wear seat belts in seat belt equipped vehicles. Our employees are not responsible for policing this requirement.
  6. Parents, guardians or the client are required to ensure all children wear seat belts in seat belt equipped vehicles.
  7. Vehicles with seat belts will have at least one child restraint anchor point.
  8. We are not responsible for the provision, installation and securing of children and child booster seats, capsules and child restraints. Parents, guardians or the client are responsible to provide, install and secure all child restraint and booster seats.
  9. Our drivers are not responsible for the behaviour and safety of children when not accompanied by a parent or guardian. Our drivers are responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle as their primary focus.
  10. Our vehicles are not fitted with wheel chair access, although passengers with wheel chair will be assisted by our driver/s to board our vehicles and seated at the normal seat, his/her wheel chair must be foldable to be stored in the vehicle luggage compartment.
  11. No illicit drugs or alcohol are to be consumed on any Dream Tours and Incentives Management Pty Ltd vehicle.
  12. Smoking is not permitted on any of our vehicles.
  13. We reserve the right to eject any passengers behaving in an inappropriate, offensive, intoxicated or destructive manner from the vehicle or stop the vehicle until the situation is resolved. This may include requesting Police to attend.
  14. Passengers and Clients are responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle as a direct result of your booking. Examples include vandalism, excessive vehicle cleaning due to food or beverage spillage and breakage of interior or exterior fittings.
  15. We are not responsible for any damage or soiling of luggage. We will exercise all care when loading and unloading luggage.
  16. Our employees may request assistance in loading or unloading any luggage items.
  17. We are not responsible for any property left or thought to be left on our vehicle. We will endeavour to search each vehicle at least daily for lost property and store it at the depot office for a minimum 48 hours. We reserve the right to dispose of or destroy any lost property after this time.
  18. Any lost property found must be collected from our local depot/office within 48 hours.
  19. We do not guarantee the security of any lost property.