Sydney Opera House Tour (1 hour non exclusive tour) Admission

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Sydney Opera House Tour (1 hour non exclusive tour) Admission


The Sydney Opera House is an art show building with 20th-century building design. This building is intended as a place for various art shows, such as symphony concerts, opera, dance, room music, pop, jazz, folk music, ballet & dance, drama & dance, cinema, modern & contemporary art performances and other art shows.

The Sydney Opera House was built on 2.2 hectares of land and the building itself occupies 1.8 hectares of land. Sydney Opera House is located in Sydney Harbor, precisely in the Bennelong Point area. Jorn Utzon from Denmark is the architect who designed the Sydney Opera House, in 1957 the work of Jorn Utzon was chosen after successfully defeating 232 designs in a competition. In 1959, the Sydney Opera House began construction and was completed in mid-1973. On October 20, 1973, the Sydney Opera House was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II.

What's interesting about Sydney The Sydney Opera House Opera House has a unique shape that is shaped like a conch shell piled up. Interestingly, the Sydney Opera House is located right at the end of Sydney Bay opposite the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Every day the Sydney Opera House is always crowded because besides being a place for performing arts, in this building there are also many restaurants that serve various types of dishes and drinks so that the Sydney Opera House is always crowded from morning to night.

Sydney Opera House is surrounded by beautiful and pleasant scenery, on the east side of the Sydney Opera House there is Bay Farm. On the west side is the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the center of the ferry. On the north side is Sydney Bay which is crowded with traffic with various cruises, ferries and boats. On the south side is the Sydney City skyscraper building.

On the west side of the Sydney Opera House, along the edge of the beach there are restaurants, while sitting enjoying food and drinks, tourists can enjoy views of the Bay of Sydney, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge and then abandoned boats, ferries and cruise ships. The Sydney Opera House has an incredible tourist attraction, every year millions of tourists come to the City of Sydney to tour one of the main attractions of this City of Sydney, the Sydney Opera House.

Facilities in the Sydney Opera House have a main room, which consists of a Concert Hall, Opera Theater, Drama Theater, Playhouse, Studio, Reception Hall & Courtyard. There is the largest room, consisting of 5 main auditoriums, 4 restaurants, a break room and a dressing room. Inside the Sydney Opera House there are around 1000 rooms. Holidays to Australia will not be complete without traveling to the Sydney Opera House. The multi-venue performing arts center has more than 1,500 shows every year, attended by 1.2 million people. More than just the performances shown, day by day, the Sydney Opera House is also surrounded by beautiful scenery, stunning architecture, and beautiful history waiting to be discovered.

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  • Location : Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW, Australia
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